Team Members:

  1. Lamin Gitteh
  2. Fio Ambadar

Service: Travel, Transportation and Accommodation


There are a lot of purposes people travel.
However, looking at some of the main purposes, we have business, work and discovering new places as a tourist on top of the list.In order to fit these needs, we are proving a service whereby users can easily get travelling and accommodation informations based on their destination.

Purpose of Service

A one stop service to provide for our users informations regarding available transportations and accommodations services based on the time and location they search.The users will have the option to filter the result for the best package that suit there needs.

Service Details:

  • Provide a list of available transportation services based on a user’s query.
  • Provide for the user with the required details regarding their selected service/s (Accommodation, flight  and Train Information).